WhereSafe RV GPS Tracking

WhereSafe Diagram Whersafe is real-time tracking technology and not less reliable SMS-based location by request services.  WhereSafe is always tracking and will notify you of issues IF you need to know, so you don’t have to constantly monitor.

The WhereSafe smartphone app keeps in constant contact with your tracker to provide access and updates at a glance or by push or email notifications, if a set parameter has been violated (eg. speed, geofence, or night driving).

The hardware is plug and play, and activated once the app is installed on your smartphone.  The app was built to allow users to put down their phone, eliminating manual check-ins so WhereSafe can do its job and notify you IF you need to know.

Protect Your Passions – WhereSafe is flexible and can be used to protect young drivers, elderly parents and your assets, which can include cars, boats, RVs, equipment, ATVs and more.

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