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↓ Episode 98 – You Have a Spare Tire, Do You Have Spare RV Parts?

In Episode 98 Eric Stark promotes the 100th Episode that will be hosted live on Youtube. He also promotes the “Come to Montana in July” promotion. This is a great opportunity to come by the store in Victor and meet all of us and see what we do. And while you are in Montana you can explore the awesome places there are to visit in your RV.

Living the RV Life:
Eric asks the question is all of the new technology found in today’s RVs Impressive or Unimpressive? With central command centers that look like an iPad and more electronics than ever before is it impressive? The RV industry doesn’t track like the automotive industry when it comes to getting electronics right the first time. It seems that it can be an expensive and time-consuming learning curve. Eric is passionate about technology but he expects it to work for years to come. Eric also hints at the new LifePo Battery that should take the RV Industry by storm. Battle Born? 

Staying On The Road:
Eric believes that RVers should carry spare parts for their RV but he also believes that there should be limits to what is carried. Some parts such as RV Appliance Circuit Boards could get destroyed if not stored properly before they ever get used. Circuit boards can get expensive and might exceed budgetary constraints.
He explains what you should carry and why and not to go overboard without shortchanging yourself.

The Next Stop:
Death Valley, California is on the Hot Spot for this episode of “The Next Stop”. Alexis joins Eric in the conversation. Alexis is The Smart RVer’s in-house RV Destination Guru.

RV Envy:
If you want an accurate reading on the Level of Propane still in your RV Propane tanks Eric has the answer. It is the Mopeka LP Gauge Indicator. Mopeka offers wireless technology that besides having an inside monitor to visually see how the level of propane is doing. You can also add the Free App to your Smart Phone for added convenience. Now you can make sure you never let the LP Tanks Run Dry.

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