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The Smart RV Podcast
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The Smart RV Podcast

The Smart RV’er podcast has evolved from the original show Radio Arizona RV. The show was created by Eric Stark the owner of Arizona RV Parts, Inc. located in Wellton AZ. We are now located in Victor Montana known locally as Highway 93 RV. We produce Podcast’s with information about Recreational Vehicles and the various systems on an RV. Eric Stark has 30 plus years experience helping others improve their knowledge about maintaining their RV’s. We will be regularly producing Podcast’s that will become available on this website as well as iTunes and other Podcast Channels. We hope you enjoy what are we doing.

We have put a lot of time and thought into the new Smart RV’er Podcast.  Now I will entertain several more facets of RV’ing while not taking my focus off the main reason why I started a podcast. That reason is to help you become a Smart Rv’er through training and education. Although the name and look have changed the information will be better than ever.

The Smart RVer Podcast

It's time for a New Sticker!

The Iconic Radio Arizona RV sticker has been spotted on School Buses, Highway Patrol Vehicles, Guide Posts in the Deserts of Arizona, Snow Banks in Idaho, Buildings, Ice Chests, Gas Stations, RV Bumpers and a lot of other meaningless places. And I can’t forget the rear window of my mom’s car. Parents will put up with just about anything! 

The Smart RVer Podcast Schedule For 2022

The Smart RVer PodcastBiweekly – Every other Friday