Whats My Model Number

RV Appliance Model NumbersBelow is the “almost” comprehensive list that can be used as a guide to help any RVer to keep  track of the many model numbers and various parts on an RV that require such information. Almost all RV appliances will have model numbers that are required in order to look up replacement parts for them. Quite often there are many parts that can have many versions of it that look similar but aren’t interchangeable. Screen door latches can be a good example of that. There are at least six styles that look alike but aren’t interchangeable. I recommend that you take pictures of the tags that have the model number on it and picture of almost everything else and keep them on your phone organized in a file system. Each RVer will need to determine if pictures, a book or spreadsheet will work best for them. I highly recommend picture in an organized system, The RV Parts Guy at the store will love you for it.

In some applications a model number might not be that accessible and a picture or two will probably suffice. 


Microwave Oven
Furnace/Fire Place
RV Air Conditioner
Generator – Portable or Built In
Patio Awning(s)
Door Awning
Slide Out Awning(s)
Window Awning(s)
TV Antenna
Satellite Dish

Tire Size
Wheel Lug Nut Count and Pattern
Wheel Bearings part #
Grease Seal #
Brake Shoe 10” or 12”
Leaf Spring Count, width and eye to eye measurement

Power Service 30 or 50 amp
Does the Cord plug (Twist Lock) into the side of the RV or is it hard wired into the RV?
What Generator Connection do you need, is it a twist-lock or standard 3 or 4 prong RV plug

Interior and Exterior Lights
Screen Door Latch and Slide
Entrance door lock
Compartment door locks – Different lengths
Fresh Water Connections – City and Gravity Fill
Electrical Cord Hatches
Screw Cover

There are many items that can be listed and vary from one RV to the next. This list should get you headed in the right direction if you haven’t already made one to assist in replacing RV parts when needed.

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