What is the RV lifestyle?

What is the RV Lifestyle? Typically living in an RV Full Time. You have Sold your house and now you are living on the Road Full Time. The RV is now your permanent home that goes where you go.

Do You Have to be a Full-Time RV’er? Even though the definition implies you are a full-time RV’er, you do not have to be. It is the lifestyle that you enjoy when you can. That might only be on a few weekends a year or a week or two each year. 
The key is to make the RV Lifestyle your own even if you are working full-time. A hunter is not hunting all year long, he typically hasn’t quit his job to be a “Hunter”. He is a hunter because he enjoys the sport and it is part of his lifestyle. When he is out in the great outdoors, hunting is his lifestyle. He has purchased the needed gear and is referred to as a hunter.

Even though you might not be a full-time RV’er you certainly can make the RV lifestyle your own, after all, doesn’t your family and friends refer to you as an RV’er? You have made a large investment in one of the coolest forms of travel and or vacationing also known as camping. You are part of a huge audience that loves to travel in a certain manner that fits you and your family. 

It is up to you to determine how involved you are in the RV Lifestyle. The more you use your RV the more you will appreciate how awesome this lifestyle is. You can buy all sorts of items with pictures RV’s or campgrounds on them and that is cool but those are trinkets and a small part of the lifestyle. Using your RV, sharing your experiences, good and bad with others, and always having the next stop in mind makes you the RV’er who represents the RV Lifestyle! You are the Smart RV’er!

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