Bicycling The Smart RVer

RV Life – Bicycling is for everyone!

In Episode 93 Eric talks about bicycling as a great way to get exercise and check out the views. Taking bikes on an RV trip is easy and well worth it in so many ways. It is an easy way to get around an RV Park or even some small towns. It is good exercise and very enjoyable regardless of the type of bicycling you are in to. You can listen to Episode 93 to whet your appetite or Episode 21 for more information about bicycling in RV Parks.

One thing to keep in mind is that right now it might be hard to find a decent quality bike. Eric and his wife spent months looking for the bikes that they wanted. Eric searched multiple states and most bike shops literally had no inventory to speak of, it was a long search. After he found the bikes then the next obstacle came apparent, bike racks for transporting were very scarce. Eric built his racks and the picture show that and the point is to start searching now if you don’t already a bike.

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