Death Valley California

Death Valley California

Death ValleyWe all know California is a great place to take your RV on vacation but have you ever thought about going to Death Valley? The following article will give you plenty of reasons why Death Valley California should be your next destination! 

History and Culture
Several ghost towns were once occupied by brave men and women trying to make their dreams a reality. Many founded the towns in the late 1800s to early 1900s in the hope of getting rich from silver and gold that could be mined in the surrounding area. Generally, life in these towns was difficult and dangerous which is why they have since been abandoned. Take a historic tour of some of the most interesting and iconic ghost towns in the valley. 

What to See

Death Valley Ghost TownRhyolite Ghost Town
Rhyolite was one of the biggest towns in Death Valley with a peak population of 10,000 residents. The town survived from 1904 until 1016 when the power and electricity were finally shut off. But during its heyday, the town had 2 churches, 50 saloons, 19 lodging houses, 18 stores, multiple doctors and dentists, a stock exchange, and even an opera. However, the financial panic that started in 1907 was the beginning of the end for this booming townsite. The mill, which was the heart of the city, slowed down significantly in 1910 and was completely closed down in 1911. Nevertheless, there are still remnants of Rhyolite such as the 3-story bank and jailhouse. It is well worth the trip to see this famous ghost town. 

Scottys Castle Death ValleyScottys Castle
This amazing place is in the northern part of Death Valley, in the Grapevine Canyon. Albert Mussey Johnson built this castle as a vacation home for him and his wife. However, the castle was named after his mysterious friend Walter Scott or better known as “Death Valley Scotty”. The beautiful castle has a unique interior, which has survived into modern times, despite flood and fire damage. And you be able to take a special tour even though there will be signs of flood damage throughout the castle. You can purchase your tickets on this website. All fees will contribute to the preservation work on the castle!

Scotty’s Castle Walking Tour

The Racetrack
The kind with the fast cars and warm beer? No, we’re talking about the one located in the Last Chance Ranges. This very unique place is home to a lot of beauty and mystery. The mystery lies in rocks that travel across the surface of the playa, with long track marks behind them. Many have tried to solve the mystery, but a research team has determined that is probably the result of rain accompanied by strong winds. The rain that the playa gets makes the surface extremely slippery and the winds can be 50 miles an hour or more which could reasonably move the rocks. Come see for yourselves the interesting and popular Death Valley attraction! It is a full day’s adventure, so be sure to bring lots of water and food! 

The Racetrack

Food Death ValleyWhere to Eat

The Last Kind Words Saloon
This menu has everything! They have appetizers such as potato skins, grilled flatbread, chicken wings, and a meat and cheese board. They also have entrees like ribeyes, chicken, fish, burgers, amazing desserts, and plenty of drinks. This place lies in midst of The Ranch at Death Valley. Don’t miss out on an amazing meal here and a unique desert saloon atmosphere. 

Roaming Dog Kitchen
If you feel like trekking a little bit outside Death Valley National Park, then a good place to grab some grub would be the Roaming Dog Kitchen. This place received a very high rating on Google and they even have a food truck if you don’t feel like dining in. The menu items include a variety of delicious hot dogs with toppings like grilled onions, bacon, cheese, pastrami, chili, Fritos, sweet relish, sauerkraut, coleslaw, and sides such as potato salad, zesty coleslaw, and of course potato chips. 

Saigon Flavor
What about some Asian fusion? Don’t pass up a meal here; they have menu items such as chicken satay, spring rolls, fried Calamari, sweet and spicy chicken wings, pho, Thai noodles, pork dishes, and so much more. Check out their full menu on this website. 

Saigon Flavor Vietnamese & Thai Restaurant

Pro Tip- Many restaurants have a shortage of staff and have reduced their business hours. It would be wise to call ahead before arriving at any restaurant to avoid disappointment. 

Death Valley The Smart RVerWhere other Smart RVer’s like to Stay 

Mesquite Springs
This place is very accommodating because it’s one of the few that is open for guests all year round. They have a few spots just for RVs so, getting here early in the week and during the day is key. They don’t take reservations but they do have amenities such as running water, tables, fire pits, flush toilets, and a dump station. Call ahead to inquire about the RV spots available in the campground.

Furnace Creek
This campground has a lot more room with 136 spots total. There are 18 spots with hookups and you can make reservations from October to April; during the summer reservations are not required. They also have flush toilets, water, fire pits, and a dump station. This campground might be the home away from home you’ve been needing for your trip to Death Valley. 

Desert Empire RV Park
Don’t feel like staying in the National Park? Try Desert Empire RV Park. This park is fully set up for RV travelers and their needs. You can make reservations online or by calling the number they have listed on their website. 

Desert Empire RV Park

Pro Tip- These campgrounds can be especially bust during holiday months such as memorial day, Labor day, and the 4th of July, so it may be best to plan on traveling down on a different weekend. 

When to Visit 
Death Valley California is always going to be warm and inviting, especially for snowbirds but the very best time to visit is in the Spring or Fall. The Spring is when the flowers will be in bloom and the fall is when the skies are clear and blue. But anytime you decide to come to Death Valley, you’ll be sure to enjoy the adventure! So pack your bags and make Death Valley your next destination! 

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