Arches National Park UT

Arches National Park Utah

RV Camping in Arches National Park Visiting National Parks can provide some of the most beautiful and memorable trips in a person’s life. Arches is a very unique National Park and is worth the drive! So pack those bags and the RV and come visit Arches National Park!

History & Culture – In the early 1900s, the area that would soon be Arches National Park was a cattle Ranch run by John Wesley Wolfe. In 1916 the National Park Service Organic Act was passed and in 1929, President Hoover establishes Arches as a National Monument. Jumping ahead to 1971, President Nixon changes the National Monument into a National Park. Then in 1998, President Clinton enlarges the boundaries of Arches. Today, millions of people visit the unique park each year. Now is the time to visit! So what are you waiting for? 

The Smart RVer Arches National ParkWhat to See – There are a lot of special spots to visit in the National Park. The following includes just a few of the arches worth seeing throughout the Park. 

Balanced Rock – Maybe one of the most popular rock formations in the park is Balanced Rock. It stands at 128 feet high, and even though it appears to be teetering on its mudstone base, it is fully attached. Its appearance comes from continual erosion in the landscape. Eventually, the balanced rock will lose to gravity, so now is the ideal time to visit the park and enjoy this rock! 

Courthouse Towers & Park Avenue – The sheer rocks must have reminded visitors of tall buildings lining a city street. It also has special formations such as one called Queen Nefertiti, the top part of the rock is shaped like an Egyptian queen’s head. There is an easy hike through this part of the landscape and it is well worth the effort to see the unique rocks up close and personal. 

North & South Window and Turret Arch – The path to see these popular rock windows and the big castle-like turret is only a one-mile loop that takes you around to different perspectives and angles. You will be able to stand directly under the North Window and get a fabulous view of the sandstone hoodoos. 

The Spectacles – Upclose, these two rock windows look like a big pair of glasses. To get a good view of this unique formation, you can take a trail that in total takes about 20 minutes to traverse. Be sure to check out all the trails to get some amazing pictures with these sandstone beauties. 

Tower Arch  – This large towering arch measures 92 feet and is impressive to see. The trail is full of ups and downs so the advice is to bring lots of water if you wish to hike the trail. It is located within the Klondike Bluffs and you have a nice view of the La Sal mountain range.  

Stars at Night Arches National ParkStar Gazing – The national park is the absolute perfect place to stargaze, as it is not affected by artificial light pollution. In 2019, Arches was made an official dark sky park. There are tips for getting the best experience possible such as checking the moon phases and making sure the moon will be below the horizon so no light inhibits your view of the milky way and the constellations. Be sure to give yourself about 30 minutes free from light so your eyes can properly adjust to the dark. Using red light can be a great tool, as it will not affect your eyes or your view of the night sky. You can go on a solo trip to see the stars or you can go with a park ranger. Find out more on the website below.  Stargazing – Arches National Park

Food at Arches National ParkWhere to Eat:
Arches Thai – This restaurant has great options for everyone. Their many items include items such as Thai curry, duck, tilapia, fried rice, sesame chicken, sweet and sour, garden rolls, egg rolls, tempura, wings, soup, and so much more! Check this place out for a satisfying meal!  Arches Thai

Glorias Corner Cafe – This cafe has a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu! They have breakfast items like omelets, smothered burritos, sweet cream pancakes, french toast, huevos rancheros, and much more. They also have mouthwatering lunch and dinner items such as nachos, steak tacos, turkey, bacon and avocado wrap, various burgers, salads, pasta, steaks, fish, and a full drink menu with cocktails, beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages alike. 

Zax Restaurant & Watering Hole – This awesome place has plenty to offer the hungry visitor. They have menu items such as spinach artichoke dip, garlic knots, fish and chips, pulled pork sandwich, B.L.T, various burgers, pizza, salads, soups, and pasta! Be sure to check out this delicious place during your adventure in Moab. 

Places to Stay Arches National ParkWhere other Smart Rvers Stay

Portal RV Resort – This RV resort has it all! Some of the amenities include WIFI, cable TV, luxury bathrooms and showers, laundry, a pool and spa, a pickleball court, and a big dog park. There’s so much for any Rver, so check out this place during your travels. There are more details on how to book your stay on their website.  Portal RV Resort  

Seven Miles RV Park – These spacious RV sites are set in one of the prettiest parts of Moab. This park is also extremely close to Arches National Park. The park doesn’t provide a lot of amenities but the rustic atmosphere makes for an amazing experience. The sunsets and sunrises here are legendary and unforgettable.  Seven Mile RV Park

OK RV Park – This is one of the nicest RV parks around. It is fully landscaped with lots of trees for shade. They also have amenities such as a coin washer and dryer, showers, bathrooms, nearby places to swim and so much more. This park is pet friendly so bring your furry friends along. You can check more details on their site below.   OK RV Park

When to Visit – April through May are the best months to visit Moab because the summer months are almost unbearable when you are hiking in the park. Plan your trip to Arches National Park today! 

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